2012 Yamaha Zuma 125 – Tough Scooter

Yamaha | February 13, 2012

If you are castrated by riding a scooter having a small-bore, then the Yamaha Zuma 125 is just for you. With its plump, semi-knotty tires, rocky belligerent styling (specifically in black) and sufficient power to take the rider at pace equivalent to any average bike, the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125 is as mannish as it is reasonable.

While most of the scooters are variants of urban themed street-legal scooters, the Zuma 125 emits a lot more audacious brashness with a guise which suggests adventure biking and pace. All that daring spirit of the bike comes from the plump 12-in rim 130/70 rear and 120/70 front enduring tires.

The big-diameter bare steel chassis is one styling component for the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125, which could be attributed for the usage of plastic in the bike by the Yamaha designers. Even the plastic used at the bottom of the Zuma 125 has been left unvarnished, so as to let it absorb the scratches in a more effective manner during off-road riding. Other elements such as the huge, double headlights walled by toughened crash bars, hands secured by brush guards and front suspension cloaked in split gaiters all collude to enhance the off-road rightfulness of the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125.

2012 Yamaha Zuma 125

The Zuma 125 delivers a tough ride, because of its extremely firm spring rates, which are being worsened by scarce rebound curbing, but now that we’ve already ridden the Honda PCX, which had suspensions suffering from a contrariwise balanced problem, we don’t have any problems with over-sprung in comparison to under-sprung in this situation. Considering the off-road penchants of Zuma 125, we think Yamaha might have hardened its spring rate to let it absorb the off-road treatment in a better manner, especially in comparison to a scooter which is primarily meant for in city ride only.

The 50.8-in wheelbase of Zuma 125 is also a bit short in comparison to the rivalling scooters having similar displacement. Had Yamaha stretched the Yamaha Zuma 125 a bit more, it surely would have been sufficient for restyling the fuel tank under its seat and even for expanding the storing section for allowing space for a full-faced helmet. As for now, you can put an open-face helmet there, but even that will barley fit. And while we are at it, we also would suggest re-contouring of the seats, and that’s because the present one is sufficiently wide for making flat-footing a problematic maneuverer, even for the people who are a bit heighted than the normal persons. Riders who are a bit short in size and are not use to holding the motorcycle with their one foot will definitely be having some problems, but the good thing here is that the light weight of 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125 will make it a bit easier for you.

2012 Yamaha Zuma 125

The heart of the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125 is a 4-stroke air-cooled 125 cc Single cylinder engine, which is capable of generating adequate power to make the Zuma in contention with the normal traveller traffic. The usage of electronic fuel injection results in quick firing up and at the same time delivers immaculate throttle response. It might not be sufficient for the modern freeway’s, but still the top speed of 60-mph we think is adequate for everyday commute. The CVT automatic transmission of Zuma 125 also delivers comprehensible – no fluctuating or grasping – forward force. The twin-piston calliper on the front, 220 mm single disc and rear drum brake delivers surprisingly braking power. Yamaha has also fitted some niceties in the 2012 Zuma 125, such as angled valve stems and fuel gauge.

Finally, we’d say that with a price tag of $3,350 and fuel-efficiency of 58-mpg under substantial throttle application, the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125 is an upfront, low-cost 2-wheel travel. But at the same time contrary to popular belief, the Zuma 125 is a lot more feller than it is ladybird. In simple terms, the 2012 Yamaha Zuma 125 does everything that the normal scooters in the market do, but when the going gets tough it leaves them all behind.

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