2013 Victory Judge: Preview

Victory | February 8, 2012

With the 2013 Victory Judge, which seems to be inspired by the muscle cars, Victory has deviated from their conventional path of manufacturing touring/bagger rigs, bobber-themed bikes and blingy cruisers such as the new Victory Hard-Ball, which blends bobber with touring and the Victory High-Ball.

The all-new 2013 Victory Judge marks a pleasing alteration in the current product offerings from Victory. But even in this new offering the Minnesota-based manufacturer has stuck to the trademark business thinking by offering the brawny Freedom 106/6 50-degree oil/air cooled, V-Twin fuel-injected engine having 6-speed gearbox in their latest motorcycle. The same engine that we’ve seen in many of the Victory bikes in the market is also the source of power for the newly fangled Victory Judge. We’ve jockeyed the Freedom 106/6 on several occasions in recent times, and it’s always pleasing to see how much return of the money it gives.

2013 Victory Judge

The slog-style bodywork and handlebar of the Victory Judge is absolutely new, and so is the case with the taillight styling, new EFI and fender struts covers amid the engine cylinders. But the main departure from the conventional styling of Victory is the new headlight of Judge. The huge, pointed headlamp – a trademark Victory styling component – which we’ve seen on almost every other model, except for the touring models having complete front fairings, has been replaced by a lot more conservatively shaped, rotund headlight. Positioned above the new headlamp of the bike is a brand new headlight.

The 2013 Victory Judge boasts a brand new 5-spoke 16-in cast wheels having 491 Elite II tires from Dunlop (130/90 on the front, 140/90 on the rear) having elevated white inscription. The back fender of the Judge has been shortened and reduced, a styling feature which most probably is intended for enhancing the muscular stance of the bike, and almost everywhere on the bike it has been given a complete black-out conduct.

2013 Victory Judge

The Judge’s suspension is archetypal fare, having single monophonic-tube shock and an old-style telescopic fork. The good thing here is that in spite of the pleasant 25.9-in seat height of the Judge, Victory has not sacrificed the travel for suspension only to get such a low seating height. The 5.1-in plush fork travel, which we’ve seen on a lot of victory models, has been carried into the Judge as well. The 3.0-in of travel out rear is not equivalent to some of other models from Victory, buts it’s still nicer than what we’ve seen on many of the rivaling bikes.

The 2013 Victory Judge has a fuel tank of 4.5-gallon, which is the same size that we saw on Hammer 8-Ball and Victory Hammer S, but the good thing here is that the Judge claims dry weight of 660-lbs which is around 12-lbs lighter than the dry weight of its Hammer brothers.

The 2013 Victory Judge will be available in Gloss Black color priced at $13,999 and Sunset Red or Suede Nuclear Sunset colors, both the models having price tag of $14,399. The Victory Judge saves significant amount of money in comparison to the Hammer S priced at $18,499, but a little bit of extra cost of Hammer is pretty expected as it gives twin front brakes, accompanied by advanced suspension and wheels. But despite all that we think that the 2013 Victory Judge is a considerable option.

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