BMC Motorcycles: The Custom Creations

BMC | February 16, 2011

Majority of the BMC Motorcycles come with weird combination of features. The models belonging to the category of custom BMC Motorcycles also possess such specialties. The custom motorcycles are models that possess great style. These models come with unusual specification as far as their frame geometry and engine design is concerned. The custom motorcycle models marketed under the brand name of BMC have been extremely popular among the motorcycle users. Along with motorcycle manufacturing companies like Big Dog, Iron Horse and Bourget, BMC is one of the higher volume manufacturers of custom motorcycles in America. Every piece manufactured by BMC follows the guidelines of United States Department of Transportation. The buyer can select their preferred engine capacity, paint style, accessories etc from several available options. This article is discussing about some of the most talked about custom models marketed by the company.

One of the most prominent BMC models in this category is the BMC Notorious 918 launched in 2002. This 2002 model is powered by a Rev-Tech engine and has a fuel capacity of 3.2 gallon. The displacement offered by this machine is The front tire of this BMC motorcycle has the diameter of 21 inches and the rear wheel comes with a diameter of 18 inches.

Another popular customized member of the family of BMC Motorcycles is the BMC BigDaddy Chopper. This model possesses a rev tech engine of 100 cu in and you can definitely upgrade the engine capacity if required. It has six speed rev tech transmission. The engine of a BigDaddy Chopper comes with a three year warranty; the transmission offers a warranty of five years and finally the chassis comes with a warranty of twelve months. The fuel tank of this machine has a capacity of holding 4.1 gallons.

The BMC Bobber 88 is another loved custom model manufactured by the company. It has a rev tech engine of 88inches, from which its name is derived. The engine comes with natural finish and if required it can be upgraded. Now let us come to the specification of its transmission. The BMC Bobber 88 has five speed rev tech transmission. The warranty offered by the company for new models, is similar to the offers you will enjoy on buying a BigDaddy Chopper; i.e. three years for engine, five years for transmission and twelve months for the chassis. The fuel bearing capacity of this model is 3.4 gallons or 12.86 liters. The diameters of both its rear and front brakes are 11.5 inches or 292 mm.  Another custom model of the BMC Bobber series is the BMC Bobber 240. The BMC Bobber 240 is named after its 240 cu in rev tech engine.

The prices of these models are not too high and are very much within the reach of common citizens. If you still feel that you will not be able to afford to invest that much money, you can definitely go for the used version of the BMC bikes. On performing a thorough research, you will surely find used BMC models put for sale in spite of being in perfect condition.

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