BMW Introduces the 2012 1600 Series Bikes in South Africa

News | March 4, 2011

The two new motorcycle models to be marketed in 2012 were introduced by BMW at a press meet in South Africa recently. The models introduced were the BMW K1600GT and BMW K1600GTL. People who got the chance of going for a test ride on these motorcycles models planned and manufactured by BMW seemed to be quite impressed with the attributes offered by them.

Both the newly introduced models were filled with enough features to at tract customers from all around the world. BMW K1600GTL is a sport touring bike, a dream machine of all the bike enthusiasts. The motorcycle is designed by specialist BMW designers; it boasts a number of standard features and quite a few optional equipments. The bike’s mill is a bit narrow, but is capable of generating a torque of 129 feet pound at 5250 rotations per minute. The engine can produce 160HP at 7750 rotations per minute. The weight of the BMW K1600GTL is relatively low when compared to other bikes with similar specifications. It weighs 767 pounds. The BMW authority mentioned that this bike is lighter than the K1200LT manufactured by them; the difference of weight between the two models is as high as 110 pounds. The steering specifications of the K1600GTL are as good as all other parts of the bike. It has a Duolever front end taken from an old BMW model, the K1300GT. Although borrowed, it has fitted this machine perfectly.

The other bike of the newly introduced 1600 series from BMW, the BMW K1600GT is also similarly well equipped as the new GTL. This bike comes with the perfect combination of performance, speed, comfort and style. These features make it a suitable piece for buyers of different categories. The company believes that people will not be able to find a better option for long distance traveling. BMW had plans of manufacturing a bike that will have the essence of the Gran Turismo, which resulted in the birth of the BMW K1600GT. The bike is unique in majority of its features; let it be its styling or its suspension. The BMW K1600GT runs on a 6-cylinder, inline motorcycle engine, which according to the company is the most compact one to be ever used in a bike.

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