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  • Audi e-bike breaks all speed limits
    We got to take one close look at Audi e-bike about a couple of days ago. However, we missed on some thing that may be a game changer potentially. Audi e-bike, apparently, is quick enough for getting caught by any speed camera. It’s said that electric motor inside this machine can make the bike run at high speeds of about 50mph. This means wearing helmets are important particularly for the ones who are living in the developing countries where wearing helmets isn’t mandatory. Your legs get a lot of rest because there isn’t any pedaling involved here. You get to choose from five modes of cycling and it includes the one which just relies on the muscle power. Other one is electric motor which bears brunt of all the work. As a customer, you get an option of getting mixture for both and this will benefit the rider and bicycle.  [...]
    Posted at May 22nd, 2012 in News
  • Motorcycle lane splitting is legal, but some bikers are nervous about it
    Diane Bagues just moved at San Leandro couple of years ago from some other state, & she got stunned 1 day when motorcyclist had sped down middle of freeway few inches away from the car & one in next lane. She said that lane-splitting really scares her and that she said in an email that she hasn’t seen this in other states and she doesn’t believe that it is very legal in here. She isn’t alone either. Starting off start of the Month of Motorcycle Safety Awareness, state Office at Traffic Safety at Thursday had released the first-ever survey of controversial yet legal splitting lanes practice. This survey had found that about 53% of the drivers think that splitting lanes is forbidden by law but about 87 per cent of the motorcyclists are still doing it. They also found that about seven percent of the drivers  [...]
    Posted at May 11th, 2012 in News
  • Motorcycle sales in LA outpace the national average
    It looks once again as it Louisiana & Gulf South are now doing better as compared to general economy. Just like report on the car sales in state, the motorcycle sales for this region are far out pacing rest of country. Nationally the sales motorcycle went up by almost 9% in 1st quarter for this year, says the Council of Motorcycle Industry, after almost nonexistent growth in the year 2011. But now the story is different story. Rodney Barkalow, who is General Manager at New Orleans Harley Davidson says that the sales have really started to take off in the last year.  He says that in the last year, not just did he see an increase in the bike sales just like a lot of the other dealers, but the sales of used bike too went up. This is something that Harley does not track and he is now selling 3 used bikes as compared to 1 new bike. Barkalow  [...]
    Posted at May 10th, 2012 in News
  • Horex VR6 gets delayed
    In spite of stating @ end of Feb that VR6 all-new Roadster was just weeks away from the production, the manufacturer has stated that 6 cylinders machine won’t go in to production till May. This delay comes after firm had decided on putting control equipment of extra emissions on this bike. VR6 all-new Roadster comes with series of some innovations including clever & compact 1218 cc 6-cylinder engine. This bike will get 161 bhp & thumping 100 ft lb torque which is impressively low in rpm slugs. Engine of six-cylinder has 66 ft lb torque @ 2000 rpm, increasing to about 74 ft lb @ 3500rpm. Performance figures for lower engine range of speed topped by max 100 ft lb torque @ 7000rpm. It is said that Horex decided on equipping new VR6 Roadster along with secondary air system of injection that is designed for reducing the  [...]
    Posted at May 9th, 2012 in News
  • MIC says motorcycle sales up 6.7% in Q1
    Motorcycle Industry Council has reported that the sales of new motorcycles grew by 6.7 percent for 1st quarter of the year 2012. Encouraging news does follow MIC’s sober fore cast of March that the sales of 2012 will decline. Scooter segment has leads way in the percentage growth as compared to the Q1 of last year, along with segment of On-Highway showing highest increase in volume. Positive news here continues along with sales of ATV rebounding post multiple quarters for the reduced sales. The news is not so good for the sales of Off-Highway, which was only segment that showed decreases in sales over the years. Market of motorcycle is up by 6878 units for 2011. The on-Highway sales increased to 6224, about 77,103 total 8 percent gain from the last year. The scooter sales, typically follows volatile boom & bust cycle but  [...]
    Posted at May 8th, 2012 in News
  • Motorcycle sales shows rebound
    Sales of the on-road motorcycles, which had taken beating at economic downturn, have started to rev up finally. According to Motorcycle Industry Council, the sales of the new motorcycles which meant for the road use & scooters rose to 8.8% for first quarter in 2012 as compared to same period in last year part due to weather that is unseasonably warm & higher prices of gas. Scooters got particularly big boost about 16.9% as compared to last year. The sales of the dual-purpose bikes which are used for on- & off-road riding, rose up to 12.7%. 1 sector which still saw the declining sales was the off-road bikes, down by 6.7 percent. Eric Jensen, who is owner of European dealership of dirt-bike – Eric Motorcycle Co. @ Pasadena, had expressed some optimism. Jensen says that he has reached bottom. Jensen has been been saving  [...]
    Posted at April 23rd, 2012 in News
  • Indonesia March motorbike sales fell 12.8 percent
    Indonesia’s domestic sales of motorcycle, which is indicator of the private consumption at Southeast Asia’s biggest economy, recently fell about 12.8 % year-for-year in the month of March, say our sources. The sales for March were about 619,678 motorbikes, says AISI or Indonesian Motor cycle Industry Association. In 1st 3 months, the sales were about 1,931,677 motorbikes, or about 2.7% below 1,985,800 from one year earlier. The sales in March were led by the manufacturers from Japan like Yamaha, Honda, & Suzuki, according to the data showed. Parliament of Indonesia on March 31st gave authority to government to raise the subsidised prices of fuel if the bench mark Indonesian crude rise of price is 15 percent above the targetted level of about $105 for a single barrel. Central bank set minimal down payments for the  [...]
    Posted at April 16th, 2012 in News
  • Triumph creates 40 jobs while expanding bike range
    Triumph Motorcycles is making forty jobs of engineering for helping to develop the new models. Legendary plans of company for increasing number of the engineers for the Hinckley centre of design by a 5th to about 240. This company yearns to expand the range of about 22 bikes, and it includes classic Speed Triple & adventure Tiger 800 bike. New recruits, which are mixture of the experienced engineers & the recent graduates, are responsible for design & development of the new bikes. Head of HR at Triumph – Cliff Powell said that they are looking at attracting both the talented graduates & the experienced engineers, for different exciting & challenging roles. He says that Triumph is offering the engineers varied path of career as compared to different automobile manufacturers at UK, encouraging people actively  [...]
    Posted at April 11th, 2012 in News
  • Mega Merger Announced by the Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturers
    On heels of unprecedented stagnation of sales triggered by global recession,,Japanese “big 4″ motorcycle makers– Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki & Yamaha-recently announced alliance which they’ll build, develop, & distribute the bikes under a single banner. The corporation representatives had revealed that this deal will have strategic meets of all minds which has not been done since conglomerate of German Auto Union was done in the year 1932. This new organization has promised to be tour de force of technology. Soichiro Kojiro Genichi Michio, who was speaking for the manufacturers, said that they will be ushering new motorcycling era. Through new racetracks collection which now has Hamamatsu, Motegi, Fukuroi, and Autopolis, they will be engineering new type of 4 -cylinder super bikes which will beat best  [...]
    Posted at April 4th, 2012 in News
  • KTM Launches Limited Edition 690 Duke Track
    KTM has released a bran new limited-edition variant of their all new 690 Duke. This special model is the track only model of the bike and has been developed on the basis of the bikes rivaling in the 2012 KTM-supported European Junior Cup (EJC). KTM only will be making only 200 models of any such bike and they all are supposed to have the similar specs as EJC (European Junior Cup), which will have riders from around 13 Nations competing in 8 stages as a sponsored race for the World Superbike Championship. The KTM 690 Duke Track will be having a price tag of less than £10,000, but it will not be legal for street use. The KTM 690 Duke Track has been fixed with a wide range of KTM accessories, modifications for some of its standard parts and modified items to turn it into a truthfully alarming circuit weapon. All those modifications  [...]
    Posted at March 28th, 2012 in News