Coolster Bikes: Information on Some Coolster Dirtbikes

Coolster | March 2, 2011

Coolster is one of the most trusted names in the bike industry. Coolster Bikes have great reputation of offering the best quality both in case of bike parts or vehicles. The company not only sells Coolster Bikes with impressive specifications, but also offers accessories required by the bikers. Here we’ll be discussing the features of some of the premium models of Coolster Bikes.

One of the most admired products of the company is the Qg-210. This car is no more in production; however, all the top used bike vendors have this model in their collection. This bike is a member of the mini dirtbike family manufactured by Coolster. It can carry riders up to the weight of 50 kg. The Coolster Qg-210s are powered by eight stroke 70 cc air cooled engines. With this features, a child can easily run this bike at a speed of 55 km per hour. This model is capable of generating torque of up to 5.0N.m at 5,500 rotations per minute. These features prove that how exciting the ride on this bike will be for a kid.

The Coolster Qg-210s come with inverted and long front shocks. Every feature of this mini dirtbike is included with utmost care. The rear spring of this Coolster model is carefully mounted making sure that it stays hidden under the mud flaps on the side of the bike and the seat. The bike’s handle bar is also sized intelligently. This bike is meant for kids, so the handlebar is made in a way so that the kids can handle it easily. The bike has a kick start engine. The wheels are covered with button tires that are extremely durable.

Another high quality bike manufactured by the company is the Coolster CRF50. It is also a mini dirtbike. You will also not find this bike in a new bike showroom as it is no more in production. However, you can easily buy a used version of the Coolster CRF50 from second hand bike dealers. If the dealer is a reputed one, you can get hold of a CRF50 in perfect condition. This mini dirtbike can be ridden by any kid below the weight of 50kg.

One of the most popular dirtbikes from the house of Coolster that is currently in production is: the QG-210A. This dirt bike is powered by an air cooled, 70cc engine.  The carrying capacity of this Coolster 70CC Dirtbike is a bit more than that of the previous two models discussed here. It can carry anyone weighing less than 60kg. The maximum power generated by this Coolster 70CC Dirtbike is 3.4kw at 7500 rotations per minute. The maximum torque of the bike is 6.0N.m at 5500 rotations per minute. The company has made sure that every kid can ride a bike that is done using his or her favorite color; they have made the bike available in varied shades like blue, green, red, black and orange.

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