Grandeur Motorcycles: Merges Striking Features and Good Looks

Grandeur | February 23, 2011

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, the name Grandeur shouldn’t be new for you. Grandeur Bikes is one of the rising names of the bike industry. They manufacture a number of motorcycle models and motorcycle accessories. The company may not be the biggest name in the motorcycle industry, but with its well equipped bikes it is destined to become one of the leading bike manufacturers on earth.

The motorcycles manufactured by the company come with interesting custom artwork. These bikes are also known for the creativity applied while designing their outer shell. The kits and accessories produced by Grandeur are also of great quality.

One of the most precious bike models launched by Grandeur is the Grandeur Bobber. This model is categorized as a dirt bike. The Bobber runs on a 4-strole 70cc engine. This engine in accompanied by an automatic 4-speed transmission. This deadly combination makes the Bobber a tough and reliable motorcycle.

The base color used on the Grandeur Bobber is black. This dirt bike comes with slash down straight pipes with shiny chromium plating. Clear coats of black color are also used on the chrome straight pipes. This series of Grandeur Motorcycles come with side mounted license plates. Another striking feature of the bobber is its spring seat. This makes the ride on this bike even more comfortable, both for the rider and the co-passenger.

There are more standard features embedded in these Grandeur Motorcycles. These bikes look extremely attractive in the chrome halogen headlights. You can also go for a number of optional features. The most notable optional feature included in the Bobber is the power coated rim. You can also have black pipes with ceramic coating. Some other optional features available with the Bobber are the 12inch ape hangers or the flat handle bar. The Grandeur Bobber’s front tire is: B18 130/70. The rear tire of this model is: R16 180/70. Although the primary color used in this bike is black, the chrome finish added to the bike catches the eye extensively.

Another model of the Grandeur Bobber series is the Chicken Bobber. This motorcycle with180soft tail is a custom built piece launched by Grandeur. The Chicken Bobber possesses a chrome finish and Springer styled front end. It runs on a 100rev motor, which is coupled by a 5-speed automatic transmission. The Chicken Bobber boasts features like open primary, spoke wheels and chrome exhaust.

As mentioned earlier, the kits offered by Grandeur are of great quality. While buying the Bobber, you can buy the SLH kit. This kit contains a number of essential items, some of which are: horn, speed sensor, front and rear turn signals and digital speedometer.

The list of Grandeur Motorcycles includes another popular name, the Grandeur Pro Street Chopper. The year 2004 saw launch of the first hard tail version of this unique model by Grandeur; the model was named as ‘Nasty Attitude’. This model was manufactured by Mike Phillips, who was accompanied by a team of talented workers. The mileage offered by this Grandeur Chopper was of 2200 miles.

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