Honda Bikes: VFR800 & VFR 800 Interceptor

Honda | January 21, 2011

Honda Bikes are sold in every thirty seconds as they are the great invention as modern technology took place there were certain modifications which lead to be the largest manufacturer in the world. The company is known to be the leading manufacturer of high-performance bikes with masculine looks and distinctive style. The motorcycles need less maintenance and are very cool if you have maintained properly. The key and main features of these motorcycles are fuel efficiency, effective mechanism and amazing mileage. Honda Company is also involved in providing guide book that consists proper balancing on bike, how to maintain the bike, how to sit on bike with appropriate posture, safety measures, how to use riding gear and braking systems.

Honda Bikes was found in the year 1946 by Soichiro Honda with the aim to offer cheap method of transportation for growing population after World War II. With lots of people, Soichiro started developing motor parts for vehicles. Soichiro also faced some difficult times such as factory was bombed twice. The first motorcycle manufactured and launched by Honda Company was Honda Cub and after the rapid growth, it became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Today there are around 100,000 people working for the company within Japan and United States which makes it the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. Honda is known for manufacturing high-performance and performance-oriented motorcycles with safety, quality and reliability.

There are lots of motorcycles manufactured and launched by Honda Bikes such as Honda VFR800 & Honda VFR 800 Interceptor.

Honda VFR800 is one of the exotic motorcycles in the market which was launched in the year 1986. The earlier VFR models were equipped with V-four engine, but this new model is powered by liquid-cooled 90-degree DOHC 16-valve V-four engine with VTEC technology and fuel injection system. The variable valve timing is different as compared to cars of Honda which switches between four-valve and two-valve operation.

The Honda VFR800 is powered by VTEC technology engine which is good for producing 59 pound feet of torque at 8750rpm and 107 horsepower at 10,500rpm and the power id fed by chain final drive, hydraulic clutch and six-speed gearbox. It comes with standard list of equipments which include centerstand, color matched pillion seat, color-coded 35lt panniers, 50mm higher screen, 45lt matching topbox, bike cover, carbon fiber triple clamp cover, tank pad and fuel filler cover. The central analog tachometer is equipped with an LCD display that shows speed, odometer, air temperature, dual trip meters, engine temperature and time.

Honda VFR 800 Interceptor is one of the sport-touring model and formidable machine which offers riders desiring performance, enjoyable alternative and stylish comfort. The Interceptor is powered by liquid-cooled VTEC 90-degree engine which is good for producing 59 pound feet of torque at 7750rpm and 107 horsepower at 10,800rpm.

The Honda VFR 800 Interceptor comes with lots of features such as antilock braking system with rear and front brakes linked and 5.8 gallons of fuel capacity.

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