Hyosung Bikes: Hyosung GT 650 & Hyosung GT 250

Hyosung | January 7, 2011

Hyosung Bikes is a South Korean motorcycle manufacturing company which was found in the year 1978 as a division of Hyosung Group of Industries. The company initially started manufacturing designs for Suzuki motorcycles under license for South Korean motorcycle market located in Changwon, South Korea. In the year 1986, Hyosung established its own development and research center in Hamamatsu, Japan and in the next year, they manufactured vehicles with their own designs. The company was known to be the official supplier of motorcycles for 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Hyosung Motors and Machinery Inc. decided to spun-off from Hyosung Group, so that they can make their own corporate identity.

In the year 2007, Science and Technology Group (S&T), a Korean company was acquired by Hyosung Bikes which was later changed as S&T Motors. Hyosung has maintained a good reputation in the market by producing efficient and simple motorcycles for commuting the competitive highly recreational market. It includes models with large engine displacement to 678CC and has expanded in developed countries like United States, Australia, Canada and Northern Europe. One of the main owners group is United Kingdom Hyosung Owners Club which is a group of people that often go for rides and share expertise and knowledge on the brand. There are lots of motorcycles manufactured by the company such as Hyosung GT650R, Hyosung GT650S, Hyosung GT250R, Hyosung GT125R, Hyosung ST7, Hyosung GV650, Hyosung GV250, Hyosung GV125C and Hyosung Troy.

Here are two examples of Hyosung Bikes: Hyosung GT 650 & Hyosung GT 250.

Hyosung GT 650 is a flagship model of Hyosung and is similar to SV650 in terms of geometry, engine configurations, frame design and stroke and bore measurements. It is one of the entry level sportsbike that comes with fuel injection system and carburetors rather than open loop and also comes with steel instead of pricier and lighter aluminium. You can judge this motorcycle on ergonomics, power, aesthetics, chassis, brakes and handling.

The complete Hyosung GT 650 is painted in red color with high-end equipments like styled headlights. It comes with standard equipments like adjustable front forks, coolant temperature sensor, upside down forks, adjustable rear seats, gas gauge, analog tachometer with digital speedometer and coastal grade sunlight. The GT 650 is powered by four-stroke 90-degree V-twin water cooled 678CC engine which is good for producing ample of torque and horsepower.

Hyosung GT 250 comes with V-twin 250cc engine, roller bearing camshafts, dual spring dampened bevel primary drive gears, two squelsh combustion chambers and DOHC eight-valve engine.

The digital instrument panel in Hyosung GT 250 displays fuel gauge, dual trip meters and clock. It is basically a full tuned sportsbike that comes with race tuned suspension, huge brakes, inverted forks and gas charged shock absorbers, stunning aerodynamics, adjustable ride position and complimented by digital instruments.

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