Independence Bikes: Two Powerful Independence Models

Independence | March 9, 2011

When you speak about reliability of bikes, the one brand that will surely fit the discussion is Independence bike. Independences bikes can be designated as one of the most reliable bike brands available today. The other feature that makes these bikes special is their durability. Even the used versions of Independence Bikes sold by the used bike dealers are mostly in perfect condition. All the bike models marketed by this company are equipped with extremely powerful engines. The auto parts used for manufacturing an Independence bike are also of premium quality. Let it be a young fellow purchasing his first bike, or a grown up riding bike for years, the bikes from Independence emerge as the unanimous favorite. All the bikes manufactured by Independence are known for their impressive fuel efficiency. Maintaining these bikes is also not difficult as all of them are low maintenance models.

This article will offer you information about two of the best makes of the company, the Independence Freedom Express and the Independence Hardtail Express.

Let us begin with the Freedom Express. It is classified as a 1639cc bike. The bike scores pretty high in departments like ride quality and handling. The 2003 model of the bike ran on a 2 cylinder Rev-Tech engine. The engine was of 100 cubic inches. The engine was coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. This version of the Independence Freedom bikes had a front suspension of 41millimeter Telescopic fork having two-inches-over extension. The rear suspension of the Independence Freedom Express was gas charged. The dry weight of the bike was 590 pounds or 267 Kg. Its fuel capacity was 3.8 gallons or 14.4 liter. It had a wheelbase of the bike was 69.5. Now let us come to the specifications of the tires; the dimension of its front tire 90-90×21 and that of its rear tire is 240-40×18. The rider could sit comfortably on the 660.40 mm (26 inches) high seat. This 4-stroke bike also sported striking looks that made it a favorite of people of all ages.

Now let get acquainted with the 1440cc model of Independence Bikes, the Independence Hardtail Express. This bike runs of a 2 cylinder engine. It is also a 4 stroke bike like the Freedom Express. Like all other bike engines of the company, the engine included in the Hardtail express also possesses great fuel efficiency and power. The 2 cylinder engine is coupled with a sic speed manual transmission. This model is one of the best sellers of the company. Owners can also custom build their own Hardtail Express. The designers will use graphics selected by the owner, the owner can also tune the bike according to their likings.

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