Lance Bikes: Venice and Interceptor

Lance | April 6, 2011

Lance bikes are rated among the most admired models of the world. Here’s we’ll be discussing about two of the finest makes from the house of Lance Bikes, the Lance Venice and the Lance Interceptor.

The Lance Venice is basically a 150 cc scooter. The body of this scooter is done with a dark metallic red paint which gives it a wild an exciting look. The metal parts of this bike are manufacture using the best quality raw materials available in the market. The seat of this bike model from Lance is extremely comfortable. You can carry a co-passenger on this scoter without giving any extra effort. Even the tallest person can accommodate well in the leg room offered by the Venice. The wheels of these Lance scooters are 10 inches in diameter, which makes balancing easy for the riders. The designers and craftsmen have also made the grips extremely intelligently to offer the users even smoother rides. The rear end of this scooter contains a rum brake. The rum brake will ensure that you can stop the bike without any fuss.

Let us now come to the engine specification of Venice. These scooters are powered by GY6 carbureted engines. This oil offers great mileage and thus the user will be able to save a lot of money on fuel cost. If you have enough money you can buy a new Lance Venice and if you don’t get a used one from a reputed second hand motorcycle dealer. This high quality Lance vehicle will offer great performance even if it is used for a long period of time.

What is the specialty of the Lance Interceptor? The feature that makes this bike unique is the dual starting systems include in it. Other than that, this bike models come with other features like hydraulic disc brakes, 4-stroke engines and upgraded suspension systems. Like the Lance Venice, the Interceptor is also a 150 cc model. The Lance Interceptor is equipped with automatic transmission. This bike is considered as one of the safest bike models in the market due to the feature called ‘kill switch’. The bike has been approved by DOT and EPA due to the high-end technical attributes. The other trait that makes the Lance Interceptor special is its mileage; it can run 80 miles for every gallon.

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