Mega Merger Announced by the Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturers

News | April 4, 2012

On heels of unprecedented stagnation of sales triggered by global recession,,Japanese “big 4″ motorcycle makers– Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki & Yamaha-recently announced alliance which they’ll build, develop, & distribute the bikes under a single banner. The corporation representatives had revealed that this deal will have strategic meets of all minds which has not been done since conglomerate of German Auto Union was done in the year 1932.

Mega Merger Announced by the Japanese Motorcycle ManufacturersThis new organization has promised to be tour de force of technology. Soichiro Kojiro Genichi Michio, who was speaking for the manufacturers, said that they will be ushering new motorcycling era. Through new racetracks collection which now has Hamamatsu, Motegi, Fukuroi, and Autopolis, they will be engineering new type of 4 -cylinder super bikes which will beat best from Italy, Germany, and others.

Not satisfied with the sport bikes domination, this new firm, called Kawa Yama Hond Uki, will be tackling complete re-think of cruiser genre. Michio said that they will be will reassessing qualities of sound which make the air-cooled, single-pin engines sound very pleasing & then all of apply them for the new line up of the motorcycles. He also said that they will be testing & developing new cruisers in places that they are adored the most for Main Streets of the Midwest of America.

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