Motorcycle sales shows rebound

News | April 23, 2012

Sales of the on-road motorcycles, which had taken beating at economic downturn, have started to rev up finally.

According to Motorcycle Industry Council, the sales of the new motorcycles which meant for the road use & scooters rose to 8.8% for first quarter in 2012 as compared to same period in last year part due to weather that is unseasonably warm & higher prices of gas.

Scooters got particularly big boost about 16.9% as compared to last year. The sales of the dual-purpose bikes which are used for on- & off-road riding, rose up to 12.7%.

Motorcycle sales shows rebound

1 sector which still saw the declining sales was the off-road bikes, down by 6.7 percent.

Eric Jensen, who is owner of European dealership of dirt-bike – Eric Motorcycle Co. @ Pasadena, had expressed some optimism. Jensen says that he has reached bottom. Jensen has been been saving the money where it is possible, including washing of his windows & eliminating the service of shop towel.

He says that they have survived the last 2 years which means that they can survive anything which comes from now. This rebound for most of industry is welcome but it still has big way to go. For 2007, around 948,000 new off- & on- road bikes got sold, says Motorcycle Industry Council. It was down to about 441,000 in the last year.

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