Ridley Motorcycles: Ridley Sport

Ridley | December 15, 2010

Ridley Motorcycles was found in the year 1995 by Clay Ridley and it is the motorcycle producing company which is located in Oklahoma, United States. It is not the first motorcycle which is known to be the favorite motorcycle cruiser. They manufactured their first motorcycle cruiser called Ridley Speedster in the year 1999 with variable transmission which later was positioned as “America’s Automatic Motorcycle”. The Speedster was the first production motorcycle called as miniature cruiser equipped with V-twin engine and CVT transmission. There are lots of other motorcycles in the market launched by Ridley such as X-Glide, A-G Chopper, A-G Trike, A-G Classic, A-G Old School, A-G TT and A-G Sport.

Clay Ridley, who was founder of Ridley Motorcycles, started experimenting motorcycles with automatic transmission in the year 1995, although there were lots of trucks and cars sold with automatic transmissions, but no bikes, so he founded Ridley Motorcycle Company in the year 1997 and launched its first motorcycle called Speedster after two years. By following the success of Speedster model, company decided to launch another model called Auto Glide. In the year 2009, Clay Ridley was filed for Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He was filed bankruptcy for $1 million to authorize the abandonment of collateral given by Ridley to bank. In February 2010, Clay Ridley’s son Jay’s firm called 2 Wheel Ventures acquired Ridley Company and most of its manufacturing assets and remaining inventory. It started manufacturing Ridley automobiles again with the name of Ridley Genuine Parts.

There are lots of models manufactured and launched by Ridley Motorcycles in the market and one of the examples is Ridley Sport.

Ridley Sport is a new black, clean, sleek purist rider that comes with standard equipments such as LED tachometer/speedometer, steel fenders, flat black accents, 24.5 inches seat height belt final drive, stretched fuel tank, CVT transmission, round tube swingarm and billet fuel caps.

The Ridley Sport is redesigned with black and chrome accents which gives this bike a mono-chrome look and incredible styling. The design is completely new with the commitment and attention of Ridley to automatic transmission, light weight and low seat height motorcycle which is fun and exciting to ride.

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