Victory Is Ready with Its 2012 Model, the High Ball

News | February 18, 2011

We are only into 2011, but Victory Motorcycles is already set to introduce its 2012 model. They have just released a fresh model ‘High Ball’. This bike is a lot different than the company’s models for the year 2011. The designers of Victory Motorcycles have made sure that their new introduction will not be only about boring technical features. For some, the High Ball can appear like a bobber, whereas some may feel that it has features of a chopper. However, most of them will definitely agree that it has the looks that majority of the bike enthusiasts search for.

This bike model comes with chopped front fenders and high-rise handlebars. The wheels are much chunkier, smaller and are also spoked down. They are covered by whitewall tires. The designers have intelligently chosen an absolute contrasting shade for the other parts of the bike. The headline bucket, bars, frame, triple trees, head cover of the cylinder, fender struts and engine come with blacked out treatments. The designers have again used white for painting the tank’s recess.

The front wheel of the High Ball (it has a 16inch front wheel) is smaller than that of the Vegas by 5 inches; however, at a width of 130mm it is 40mm wider than the Vegas’s front wheel. The back wheel of the High Ball is also of 16 inches. The width of the back wheel is 30mm less than that of Vegas. It has a width of 150mm. The bike has spokes made from stainless steel, which facilitates the transformation of the bike from a custom cruiser into a retro roller. As the other parts of the bike is done with a combination of black and white, this stainless steel portion looks quite scintillating.

The High Ball has more compact dimensions than the Vegas. It is 3.5 inches shorter than the Vegas as far as its length is concerned. The wheelbase is also made shorter. The High Ball’s wheelbase is 1.5 inches shorter. At 31.7inches, its rake is 1.2inches shorter than that of the Vegas. These modifications show that now Victory has come up with a bike with smaller dimensions, tighter rake, which makes handling the bike much easier.

The other specifications of the High Ball are also quite impressive. It has a four stroke 50o VTwin engine and offers a displacement of 106 cubic inches. The engine comes coupled with a six speed over drive constant mesh transmission. The compression ratio of the bike is 9.4:1. Its fuel capacity is 4.5 gallon or 17 liters.

The High Ball has enough features to become a perfect competitor of the bikes of the Dark Custom lineup launched by Harley Davidson. The price is also kept quite reasonable at $13,499, which bike enthusiasts will be ready to spend if they get real quality; and the High Ball is definitely a quality production of the company. The makers believe that this model will be a real hit in the motorcycle market.

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