Yamaha Showcases Its Excellence at the METI Exhibition

News | April 1, 2011

Recently an exhibition was organized by METI, a division of the Government of Japan in assistance with FICCI and India Design Council or IDC. This exhibition was organized for understanding and discussing the significance of design for automobiles. This design exhibition was a 3 day event.

The Yamaha division based in India came with their flagship model, the VMAX. This model of Yamaha muscle bike was brought to the show for displaying the importance of design for bikes. Yamaha was participating in this event for throwing light to the design basics of its VMAX. VMAX can be best described as the monster machine due to its bulky dimensions. It boasts a V-4 engine with the capacity of 1879 cc. The displacement offered by this motorcycle is ten times more compared to the average motorcycles marketed in India. The design of the VMAX is absolutely original. The design reveals the bike’s ability of overcoming extreme conditions, its dynamism and beauty and its potency.  These features are deeply related to Japan’s cultural environment. The most notable feature of this Yamaha creation is its V-4 engine. It is capable of producing huge power, which is often compared with infinity. This is why The VMAX designers have confidently used the symbol of infinity in this model. This symbol represents the output and input components of the V-4 engine of the VMAX.

The first VMAX was launched in the model year 1985. Currently the bike is in its second generation, which is launched after 23 years of the inception of its first generation model. The original shape is largely kept intact in even this new generation VMAX. This motorcycle is known for imposing a significant influence on market due to its great design and impressive performance.

The other Yamaha models that are special for their designs are the bikes of the SZ and FZ series. The ‘triple macho’ design used in the FZ16 bikes is one of the most notable design traits used by the company. The concept of ‘triple macho’ includes shape and dimensions of every body part of the bike; for instance the chassis, the handle etc. The basic impression imposed by this design is that of a rugged and wild vehicle. On the other hand, the motorcycles of the SZ series are meant mostly for people looking for robust and powerful machines that can run at high speeds. The SZ series was built targeting the urban commuters.

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